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#absolutereVolutiongallery is a place for a community of photographers who are creative, use photography as a way of expressing themselves, and want to improve their skills through practice.

There are two ways to participate in the #absreV_missions.

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Weekly Mission Learn Photography Prompts

A new prompt each week

Interpret the prompts any way you wish. Each prompt can be interpreted as an object or subjectively as an emotion or launch point for a story.

Monthly Learn Photography Mission Prompts

A new fundamental focus each month

A photographer's biggest roadblock is narrow point of view. Learn to master all the different elements of composition to help you capture what you see the way you want others to see it.



Capture life how you see it - Be yourself - The rules are more like guidelines

What are the rules?

The rules are, there are no rules. That's part of the reVolution. While many professional photographers need expensive equipment and need to know how to use it, the majority of us just want to have fun and take great photos on the fly with the (not-inexpensive) smart phones and not too pricey DSLR's. You might blossom into a pro who needs gear but knowing how to take a great photo is a better place to start than with fancy equipment and no idea what to do with it.

Does it cost anything?

No! Joining the absolute reVolution gallery community is free. When you use the #absolutereVolutiongallery hashtag and participate in missions, you're joining hundreds of others who are just like you - they want to share their unique perspectiVe and get feedback from others who appreciate their creativity and style.

What can I win?

At this time, we're featuring great photos from both the mission entries and the #absolutereVolutiongallery hashtag on our wall. We hope in the not to far future to have real prizes to give from sponsors. This kind of credit takes time, help us get there by inviting your friends!

How many times can I submit?

As many as you like as long as they are actual attempts to showcase photos that relate to the associated weekly prompt or monthly fundamental.

Can I post photos I already have?

You may post images you already have that are suitable for the weekly prompt given or the monthly fundamental being featured. However, we encourage you to try to take new photos as well. Our goal is to help you become a better photographer by learning to see the details around you from new perspectives; something you can't do in hindsight. Feature priority will be given to new photos.

Can I post in a prompt before the week that it is assigned to?

Like we've said, it wouldn't be much of a reVolution if there were too many rules. Feel free to do so, we want to see your amazing work, but remember feature priority goes to new photos.


@absolute.reVolution.gallery was started by Laura Thorne to help encourage and support amateur and experienced photographers who want to expand their ability to "see" and "capture" the world. Laura is a long-time and professional photographer with a history of fine art, design, website design, teaching photography, and coaching artists in business. Having traveled to 49 of 50 states and over 20 countries, she's learned to travel lite and toting around heavy and bulky equipment has led to a minimalist approach to photography and an appreciation for raw shots, with little post-processing. Capture life as you see and keep moving!


Capture Life as You See It

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